For somebody who says she got away with so many murders that she stopped counting after 22, Miranda Barbour is alleged to have been remarkably inept in the one murder that authorities believe she actually committed.

So we should not be much surprised that police in the area of Alaska where the 19-year-old says she did most of her supposed killing are increasingly dubious of her tale of murdering as many as 100 people while involved in a satanic cult.    

"At this time the Alaska State Troopers are not aware of any information—beyond Barbour’s comments quoted in the press—or evidence that would implicate Barbour with a homicide committed in Alaska,” an AST spokeswoman says.

Marina Barbour made her remarkable claims after being arrested along with her 22-year-old husband, Elytte Barbour, for the November 11 murder of a man who answered a Craigslist ad in which she offered “companionship.”

The couple was arrested after police determined that the victim’s last phone call was to her cell phone.  Investigators are said to have found blood in Miranda Barbour’s 2001 Honda CRV even though video surveillance confirms that they stopped to buy paper towels and carpet cleaner shortly after 42-year-old Troy Ferrara was stabbed 20 times, strangled and then dumped in a Sunbury, Pennsylvania alley.

“She related that there was a lot of blood and she wasn’t able to get it all,” police reported in court papers.

She might have been expected to anticipate such a hitch if she had in fact dispatched numerous people with a favorite knife, as she said in the tale to a newspaper reporter. The resulting story in the Daily Item of Sunbury transformed her from a suspect in a sordid and inept murder got into a possible serial killer who received international attention.

“Is Miranda Barbour the Most Dangerous Woman in U.S. History?” asked one British headline.

Any diligent police department had to take her seriously on even the small chance she was telling the truth. But the suspension of disbelief was mercifully short, as she chose to say she had committed the majority of her killings in Alaskan jurisdictions that have very few killings at all.

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