(NEWSER– Trevor Marriott, a former Bedfordshire detective, has been investigating the Jack the Ripper murders for 11 years—and he's come to the conclusion that the Ripper doesn't exist, or at least not as he's traditionally portrayed. Though Jack was supposedly responsible for five grisly murders, Marriott has uncovered 17 unsolved murders between 1863 and 1894, all of which bear Ripper-like signs; some of them took place in America and Germany. He believes German sailor Carl Feigenbaum(who was caught fleeing a Ripper-like murder in New York and was executed in 1896) carried out some of those crimes, but he says the murders would never have gotten the attention they did were it not for one booze-loving journalist. Thomas Bulling forged a letter about the murders from "Jack the Ripper" and sent it to Scotland Yard in 1888, hoping for a sensational story, Marriott tells the Express.

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