A North Texas woman has hit 105 years old...and she attributes her long life to--bacon!


  Pearl Cantrell, who lives in Richland, southeast of Dallas, talked with 1200 WOAI news today about her love of bacon.


  We ended up talking with her son, Bill Allen, who calls himself his mom's chief bacon fryer, talked with us because Pearl is hard of hearing.


  "This morning she woke up about 6:00 and said, 'you got my bacon ready?'  I said, no, but I will in a minute.


  Pearl recently celebrated her 105th birthday with a three day party which included, you guessed it, donations of bacon from the Oscar Meyer Company, which also allowed Pearl to ride shotgun in the Weinermobile.


  "She has eaten bacon all her life," Allen said.  "Back when I was little, Daddy used to kill a hog and we would have fresh bacon."


  Allen says bacon is the first thing Pearl talks about in the morning.


  "How long have you been eating bacon," he asked Pearl.


  "All my life," she replied.


  Bill says his mom downs two strips of bacon every day.


  Rather than a birthday cake for her 105th birthday, Pearl had, yup, bacon.