The emotional issue of abortion continues to loom large in Texas, as Attorney General and pro life Republican candidate for Governor Greg Abbott announced he has collected a $1.4 million settlement with Planned Parenthood to settle Medicaid fraud allegations, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Abbott said Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, which is based in Houston, falsified medical records of patents to show that they received care which was reimbursable by Medicaid, when in fact they did not.


  "State investigators determined that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast falsified material information in patients' medical records in order to support fraudulent reimbursement claims to the Medicaid Program,' Abbott said.


  But a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman rejected the charges as 'baseless.'


  "We are ending this case as a practical matter," she said.  "Continuing this litigation in the hostile environment for women's health would have ensured a lengthy and costly process that would have distracted our energies and required us to share the private medical information of thousands of patents."


  Beating up Planned Parenthood is a profitable activity for Texas Republicans, and Abbott is no exception.  When he announced his candidacy for governor last week, Abbott declared his pro life sympathies, and said he will protect the unborn as governor.