Non-Aggies might wonder: What is Texas A & M's 12th Man?

"There are 11 players on the field in a football game but in an Aggie game, they will tell you that there
are 12. And that 12th man is the combined energy of all those fans and students," explains Kim Drummond

Which can now adorn your car ... for a price.

"We saw very quickly that 12th Man is worth way more to Texas than the regular
advertised price so what better way to find out what that plate is worth than to put it up for auction."

Drummond says a "12th MAN" specialty license plate is up for auction. As of September 6th,
the bidding price was at $35,000 as there can only be one driver with those plates.

"As your license plate is unique and mine is too, there can only be one license plate in the state
of Texas that reads 12th MAN," says Drummond.

Check out for bidding information.

The auction closes September 12th.