Alamo Heights City Council late last night narrowly approved that controversial Gateway Project at Broadway and Austin Highway, but added conditions which make it uncertain whether the developers will go ahead with the project, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Council voted 3-2 after 11PM Monday night, after hearing from more than 70 speakers commenting on the project.  39 of them spoke out against the development, while 32 spoke out in support of it.


  But before voting to approve the project, council first added several stipulations which may end up scuttling the development despite the approval.


  Council said the project must have a maximum height of four stories or 48 feet on three sides, and 38 feet or three stories on the side facing Ellwood Street.  The developer's proposal was for a maximum height of 58 feet or five stories.


  Council also demanded that the density of the project be significantly reduced, and the number of apartments cut from 165 to 146.  The developer had already cut the size of the project from more than 200 units.


  So far, Alamo Manhattan architects has not decided whether to go ahead with the project despite the changes demanded by City Council.  Architects had told 1200 WOAI news that any further reduction in apartment density would not be possible, due to the plan for underground parking.