San Antonio International Airport is going to the dogs.


  1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez says a new program at the airport will have four legged furry greeters on hand to help passengers deal with the stresses of flying.


  Christina Foley of the Pups and Planes program says there is nothing like a dog to get you to smile.


  "We could barely get out of the terminal, without people saying, oh, can I pet your dog," Foley said.  "People are really receptive about it."


  She says the idea is to sue dogs to 'de-stress' passengers.


  "It's a cool idea to bring the therapy dogs in here to give that love back," she said.


  All of the dogs which are utilized are trained therapy dogs, which are used to being around all types of people.  Unlike the ominous signs on police K-9 vehicles not to pet the dogs, Foley says the dogs react well to human attention.


  "It’s not only a great thing for children, it’s a great thing for adults too," she said.  "A lot of people miss their dog at home when they travel, and this is an opportunity for them to interact with a sweet dog before they travel."


  The program will begin with five dogs at the Airport and could expand.  The program is already in place in five airports, including Los Angeles, and the San Antonio program is the first of its kind in Texas.