Just what weary members of the Texas Legislature did not want to see while they're in their third Special Session and have been stuck at the Capitol for seven months--ANOTHER abortion bill.


  State Sen. Eddie Lucio (D-Brownsville) is considering introducing a bill that would require that any woman who wants to undergo an abortion first participate in a three hour class on adoption.


  He says the class would be taught at taxpayer expense.


  "The Commissioner of Health and Human Services would have to testify and tell us what this would require in terms of cost," Lucio said.


  Lucio, who is a devout Catholic and is a major friend of the pro life movement, was the only Democrat in the Texas Senate to vote for those serious abortion restrictions which were approved in the Legislature following much emotional debate last month.  Lucio also appeared on stage with Gov. Rick Perry during the ceremonial signing of the bill.


  The measure which was passed last month will restrict abortions to twenty weeks gestation, require abortion clinics to have a doctor on staff with admitting privileges at a hospital thirty miles or less from the clinic, and would require abortion clinics to undergo rigorous certification as 'ambulatory surgical centers.'


  Lucio says his new bill would not prevent a single woman from getting an abortion.


  "It would just give the woman an opportunity to look at the positives of adoption for her child," he said.


  The bill is given no chance of passage, even if it is introduced.  For any measure to even be considered at a Special Session it has to be placed on the agenda by the governor, and Perry has shown no inclination of wanting to reopen the debate over abortion.