A new proposal was floated late Friday to build a free standing children's hospital in the Medical Center, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Methodist Healthcare System, which has been known for decades for its maternity and pediatric care, signed a 90 day memorandum of understanding to discuss the possibility of partnering with the U.T. Health Science Center on the venture, which would involve teaching, research, and medical treatment for children.


  CHRISTUS and Baylor College of Medicine already have Children's Hospital of San Antonio up and running downtown, and the U.T. Health Science Center's previous partnership on the venture, with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, fell through last month.


  The agreement calls for the two sides to enter into negotiations 'that may ultimately lead to the signing of a definitive agreement to form a comprehensive children’s health care delivery system for San Antonio and South Texas.'


  The two organizations will discuss everything from leadership, research, facilities, and information sharing. 


  "Our goals and priorities that Methodist Healthcare and the health Science Center have laid out reflect our shared priorities in joining forces to deliver the best pediatric care, medical education, and academic research for the children of south Texas," said U.T. Health Science Center President William Henrich.


 He pointed out that the two institutions are located 'literally across the street' from each other in the Medical Center area.


  Methodist Healthcare CEO Jaime Wesolowski says the plan is to 'create a new delivery model comparable to the most well-known children’s hospitals in the U.S.