Another San Antonio City Councilman announced his support for the Gay and Lesbian anti discrimination ordinance late Wednesday, further extending the measure's strength as it approaches a vote September 5th, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Northwest side Councilman Cris Medina said he supports the proposal because he 'opposses discrimination in all forms.'
  "Over the past few months, I have spen

t dozens of hours meeting with people on both sides of the issue to hear their views and how discrimination impacts their families," Medina said.  "While there may be differing opinions about how we achieve the goal, the overwhelming majority of people I spoke with agree with the primary purpose of the proposed ordinance: ensuring that every family in San Antonio is treated equally."

  But Medina said the measure now under consideration must be 'improved' to 'make certain that we respect the rights and beliefs of the faith community.'

  Several religious leaders have demanded language in the measure insuring that, in the words of Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, people don't have to 'choose between following their faith and following the law.'

  One of the proposed additions is language making sure that individuals don't find themselves being investigated by creepy 'human rights commissions' for expressing heart felt religious beliefs that homosexuality is wrong.

  Medina didn't say exactly what sort of 'improvements' he would support, but he said he is confident that they will be made before the proposal comes up for a vote.