an Antonio's catholic archbishop says he and other bishops want to depoliticize the debate on immigration reform.

Arcibishop Gustavo Garcia Siller says politicizing immigration reform means human beings being torn apart.

"Many children, 5 and 6 years old, are separated from their parents because they don't have papers and we consider that inhuman."

A coalition, the Tex Mex Bishops, which includes Siller, protest that immigration reform is also about families who become caught in the cogs of politics.

"The reality of the people is that people have been deprived of their family because of deportation; it could be the parents or the children," he says.

The struggle of these families will be presented in the council's open letter "Families Beyond Borders" to bring, says Siller, the human side of the struggle to the argument.

"We can provide some understanding and a depth to the issue to make decisions that is more beneficial for these people, their families ... but also for the country,"
says Siller.