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  For the first time since early December of 2011, the average price of a gallon of gas in Metro San Antonio is now under $3.


  Triple A has the average in San Antonio at $2.99.  Gas Buddy has it at $2.98.  Regardless, stations selling gas in the $2.90 range and even in the $2.80 range are sprouting up all over the area.


  Today’s gas price is down 17 cents from one month ago, and down more than a quarter a gallon from November 4 or 2012.


  That means an average pay raise, based on the average family using 30 gallons of gas a week, of a little more than $8 a week.


  San Antonio is also getting a break compared to drivers nationwide.  The average price across the country today remains $3.25 a gallon.


  High domestic production, as well as a lack of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and other factors which interrupt the supply chain for gasoline get much of the credit for the steady fall of gas prices.  Other factors include slowing economies in China, Europe, and, to a certain extent in the United States, sharply lower demand from American drivers, and the fact that most refineries have switched to less expensive winter blends of gasoline.