A federal judge who pronounced himself to be 'disgusted' has sentenced the worst child pornography offender ever arrested in Bandera County to twenty years in prison, the maximum allowed under federal child porn statutes, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports. 

  "I have taken note about how long some of these movies are.... close to hours.... some containing bestiality with children," Federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez said, during sentencing.


  Federal investigators say John Lovata, 60, had 17 computers in his home with their hard drives packed with child pornography images, as well as seven duffel bags filled with DVD's of kiddie porn. He started shaking, near the point of convulsions, as federal prosecutors talked about the hoard and his addiction to the perverted pictures.


  "Out of that they have over 115,000 child sex abuse images, and over 770 videos," Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy Thompson said.  "That's a lot."


  She says the lengthy sentence will send a message, that people who sexually prey on children can face a very bleak future.


  "Hopefully it sends a loud and clear message, that we as a society are not going to tolerate this type of behavior," Thompson said.  "This is a very serious crime."