The family of San Antonio Police Officer Sergio Antillon says the settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Antillon's family sends a message that bars that 'over serve' drunken customers face a bleak future, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Attorney Andy Rodriguez with the Crosley Law Firm says as part of the lawsuit filed by Antillon's family, the Bunratty Pub on Fredericksburg Road has closed its doors.


  "Bars and restaurants serving alcohol must not needlessly endanger the public by serving alcohol to intoxicated customers who then drive their cars on our roadways," Rodriguez said.  "This case shows that they will be held accountable for their actions.”


  A woman who had been drinking at Bunratty’s, Sandra Briggs, was driving down Loop 410 with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit on October 14, 2010 when she slammed into Officer Antillon’s police car, which had stopped to help another drunk driver, Alfredo Araguz, who had run his car off the road.


  The accident shoved Officer Antillon into the guard rail, he sustained major injured and died 15 days later.  Briggs was not hurt, Araguz suffered minor injuries.


  As part of the lawsuit, Rodriguez demanded that the Bunratty Pub forfeit its liquor license and either closed down or be sold to new ownership. 


  The investigation revealed several violations of TABC laws, including three complaints that the pub had sold alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated person.