San Antonio Independent School district honored one of their own as Sade the drug sniffing dog retired her duties Monday night.

SAISD officer and handler Charles Whitlock says he's adopting the 10 year old black lab.

"We search cars and parking lots, we search schools  inside and out. We do presentations at elementary schools, we help other agencies. It's been a great 8 years."

Sade was named by students and stands for "San Antonio Drug Enforcement". Whitlock says they've made kids understand the danger of drugs at the same time breaking the ice with the kids with Sade's sniffing and smiles.

"The kids love. They love her! You would think that if we walked into a school that they would be scared, but they want to run up and pet this one."

Whitlock says he and the friendly pooch developed a deep bond.

"When you are with a dog everyday 8 hours a day, you become close. I can tell what she's thinking and feeling just by watching her."

Whitlock says he couldn't let Sade go and so he adopted her.

SAISD honored Sade with a special ceremony Monday night at their regular board meeting.