The trial of a lawsuit filed by a Connecticut man who claims he was unjustly banned from Six Flags Fiesta Texas following his bizarre behavior has been delayed until March, as the theme park vigorously rejected Jay Harris' claims in court, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.


  Harris, a self described log flume fan who calls himself 'Flume Dog' was banned after several women complained that Harris had asked them if he could take their small children with him on the two person ride at the San Antonio park.  After that incident, Six Flags officials reported several incidents involving bizarre behavior by Harris at other parks.


  Harris claims he was banned from Six Flags due to his gender and religion.  He says as a male and as a bearded Hasidic Jew, he 'looks different' which is why the park banned him.


  But Six Flags lawyers told a preliminary hearing in San Antonio that there is no evidence that there was any illegal discrimination against Harris.


  "There have been no facts or evidence in this case that indicate that the plaintiff  had any conversations whatsoever with officials of Six Flags regarding his sex or gender or religion," a Six Flags lawyer said.


  But Harris' lawyer says the fact that he is a male bearded Hasidic Jew factored into the decision to expel him.


  "Because he is male, he was never given any kind of due process to explain his side of the story," Harris' lawyer said.


  "When the female complained, the park staff immediately believed her, and never even gave Mr. Harris a chance to give his side of the story."


  The judge is hoping three months will give both sides a chance to work things out.