New Prince Makes Englanders a Happy Lot
Is it a chance for Prince Charles to step aside?

A visiting Brit to San Antonio
shares his
view of what the royal
birth means. Bob Neville, who
lives near London, says royal events like the birth of the new prince strengthens his country.

"It's good in many
respects. It brings the country
together, they all celebrate;
it's a bit of good news for a change
instead of the 'doom and gloom'".

Neville says such
events are
the glue that binds that country

"Harry and William have
brought a new feeling
about the royal family;
bringing us into this
century instead
of staying in the 18th,"
says Neville.

Older Brits
especially revere the royal

"The royal family has always
been the head of the UK and
people look up to them in
many respects, especially the older
Neville says when
Queen Elizabeth dies or steps
down, Prince Charles
can hand
the crown to son
William with Kate as queen.
Camilla will
never be queen.
That would put the
new prince second in line
to the throne.

As always, both English
speaking nations are
waiting to see
what happens next.