Researchers at Notre Dame report
that unattractive
employees suffer more workplace
bullying. Personnel expert David Rawles says adults still sometimes act like they're still in high school.
Humans are animals
after all ... and sometimes
they act like it too.

"We can think back to times
to the schoolyard early in our
own lives; they probably
are hardwired attributes,"
he says.
Rawles says being expertly
groomed and dressed makes
a huge difference for anyone
and that confidence and a smile
are what people notice

"People are better looking
when they smile, and when
they have a gleam in their
eye and when they
are confident in what they
are doing."

"Some appearance
issues are controllable
so if we do something
with what we have
whether it's work
or anywhere else,"
he says.
So better get those teeth
fixed, start that diet
and book an appointment
at the beauty salon.