Schools and Businesses Work Together
to Help Future Workers Land a Job

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce's
Richard Perez says they're working to
teach disadvantaged high schoolers
skills that would bring them a bright future.

"There is a program at Southwest High School where they're teaching young people how to weld underwater."

Know how to do that
and you can work on the oil rigs in the gulf earning top dollar.

He says they ask
businesses what skills they need,
and forward the information to schools
that put the emphasis on
science, technology, engineering
and math so students land STEM jobs
later in life.

"So the chamber has been working very
closely with the business community to be able to understand the kind of skills and teachings that young people need to take those jobs that exist today."

The attitude is why wait to enter the job market to find out what skills an employer needs. Perez says they're nailing that information down now to pass along to the workers of tomorrow.