Drones may be the next step in the frustrating search for Leanne Bearden, who left her in laws home in Garden Ridge January 17th and has not been seen since.


Following a massive search Saturday using trained search teams, helicopters and hundreds of volunteers and led by the Texas Rangers, Garden Ridge Police said since there is no evidence that a crime was committed, police will not lead any more searches, although they will continue to receive and follow up on any leads they receive.


But Frank Black of Texas EquiSearch, a respected search and rescue group, says drones may be the answer.


“We have aoffered them the use of an unmanned aircraft to photograph the areas and see if she might be out in any of those areas,” Black told 1200 WOAI news.


The 33 year old Denver woman’s disappearence has baffled even veteran Texas Rangers. She went on an hour long walk in the early afternoon of January 17th carrying about $60in cash and some credit cards. A landscaper saw her walking away alone and no trace has been found of her since. Her credit cards have not been used, and a 23 square mile search on Saturday turned up no evidence that she was abducted or died during her walk, or was injured in a fall or hiking accident.


“We have a genteleman, one of our members who live not far from there, and he is very successful in locating people with his drone,” Black said.


A drone could fly into areas which are generally inaccessible to human searchers, like tiny caves where some people think Bearden may have gotten stuck which exploring during her search.


Relatives say the fact that no trace of Leanne was found on Saturday is good news, because it means she may be still alive.


But police say there is no evidence that Bearden has gotten onto an airplane or has purchased gasoline or any other items with her credit cards, which would make it unlikely that she decided to walk away from her life.