The likely candidates for governor officially filed their paperwork on Saturday, the first day to file to be a candidate in next year's election.


  Democrat Wendy Davis, who is likely to face no opposition in her party, told supporters that she is fighting for 'hard working Texans.'


  "I'm running for governor because I believe all Texans should have a voice in their future and a place in Texas' future," Davis said.  "Texas is the greatest state in this country, capable of leading the nation in medical and research science, in technology, in oil and gas production, in education.  Politicians in Austin didn't build our state up to what it is today.  That role falls to the hardworking Texans I meet every day on the campaign trail."


  Republican Greg Abbott will meet former Texas Workforce Commissioner Tom Pauken in the GOP primary, but has the most formidable campaign treasury in the race, says he is running to expand the state's economy, and fight the expansion of the federal government.