His name is Old Baldy and he's a resident of McKinney Falls State Park.

At 103-feet tall, his roots extend 80 feet and his trunk circumference is over 16 feet.
Old Baldy is Austin's Tree of the Year.

Texas Parks and
Wildlife Department's Amber Conrad
says the bald cypress is a "celebri-tree".

"We at the agency have officially
said that the tree is over 500 years."

"We usually have a large cake for
the tree with his picture on it for
his birthday."

And his official birthday is now August 3rd.

"The tree strikes a chord in the
community so we decided
to have a birthday party
for it because it's no fun
not knowing when your
birthday is."

Conrad says the public is invited
to his party and enjoy some of
his cake.

"We really have people
who come to the tour
on Saturdays who come
to see and visit the tree."

Old Baldy is also an important
part of the park, playing a vital

"The root systems are so
large and the soil is very
shallow so the tree's roots
literally holds the area together."