Northside Councilwoman Elisa Chan is getting support and criticism for unguarded comments about homosexuality she allegedly made in a recording of a staff meeting made secretly by a former staffer and then leaked to the San Antonio Express News.


  Mayor Julian Castro, in comments on his Twitter feed, said Chan had 'revealed her homophobic views in secret' and he said Chan's comments are a reason why the city needs the controversial anti discrimination law that is set to come before City Council in September.


  Castro also told the liberal Huffington Post web site that Chan's remarks were 'hurtful and ignorant.'


  Chan at no time expressed hatred or disgust for gay individuals, simply expressing an opinion that homosexuality itself is not something she agrees with.  In fact, she said that people who are homosexual should not be discriminated against.


  Chan allegedly told staffers that being gay is a 'behavioral preference' and not an innate hard-wired sexual preference.   She said she finds homosexual activity 'disgusting,' and  she also said she doesn't think gays should be allowed to adopt, and she said she doesn't understand what is called 'pan sexuality,' the desire of a person of one gender to live as the other gender.  That is also covered under the city's proposed anti discrimination law.


  There was also allegedly a lot of talk at the secretly recorded meeting that Chan was most concerned about how to oppose the ordinance, and maintain her political viability.  Her Ninth District, in North Central San Antonio, is considered to be the most conservative in the city, and a 'no' vote on the measure would probably be supported in that district.


  Chan is not without supporters.  Allen Parker of the conservative Justice Foundation says Chan's comments are 'natural reactions and legitimate points of view which as an American citizen, and as a Texan, she has a right to express.'


  "She stated children should not be raised by homosexual couples," Parker said.  "While she respected the rights of consenting adults to participate in behavior that they choose, who chooses for the child?  Gay adoption is a modern social experiment and the social results are not in."


  Parker said originally, supporters of the anti discrimination law, wanted to 'criminalize' comments like the ones that Chan made.


  "The proposed ordinance criminalizes the beliefs of the majority of Texans that marriage should be between a man and a woman, along with thousands of other acts of alleged discrimination agaisnt the homosexual, bi-sexual, transgendered and asexual community," Parker said.