Children's Hospital of San Antonio is about to get a $135 million makeover.


  1200 WOAI news reprots CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System has hired Bartlett Cocke General Contractors to oversee the complete rebuilding of the landmark 12 story hospital downtown, using a 'heightened level of technology' to meet the unique challenges associated with transforming a landmark building into a fully modern, world class children's hospital.


  Bartlett Cocke President Harry Moeller says the company will create a 'virtual building' to alert them to challenges in rebuilding the structure, and doing the construction will the hospital is open and operating.


  "Bartlett Cocke General Contractors prides itself in building higher purpose facilities that provide lasting value in the communities we serve," Moeller said.


  The improvements will include a larger emergency room specifically for children, private patient rooms, 12 operating rooms specifically designed for children, and improved parking facilities.


  CHRISTUS Health Care President Patrick Carrier promises no interruption in any of the hospital’s children's services while the construction is underway.  He points out that Bartlett Cocke has wide experience building and renovating children's health care facilities.


  Children's Hospital of San Antonio is the region's first, and only, tier one multi-specialty pediatric research, teaching, and treatment hospital.


  Officials stress that the magnificent Jesse Trevino mural, which has been a downtown icon for two decades, will not be affected by the renovation.