The Texas General Land Office, which runs the Alamo, is debunking a news story which appeared in conservative media outlets on Wednesday that the 'United Nations' is about to take over the Shrine of Texas Liberty, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The Liberty News Service, which runs the slogan 'Truth and Justice Above All,' claimed that 'The blue United Nations Flag' may soon fly over the Alamo.


  "Horse Hockey!" was the brief response of State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, when he was contacted about the claim by 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.


  "The United Nations may be the new manager of the Alamo if San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has his way," the Liberty News Service article claims.


  "Commissioner Patterson would never sign on to a project if it was going to yield any authority over the Alamo," spokesman Mark Loeffler told 1200 WOAI news.


  The conservative outlet was 'sounding the alarm' over an application to declare the San Antonio Missions to be a UN Educational Scientific and Cultural World Heritage Site, an application which pre dates Castro's term as mayor.


 "If the Missions get put on the World Heritage list, nothing will change as far as management or control of the Alamo,"   Loeffler said.


  He said before the application for World Heritage status as even filed, state officials from the Governor's office on down carefully researched the ramifications of approval of the application.  Officials of several offices confirm that the Alamo and the other four Missions would remain under the control of the organizations which currently manage them, the Archdiocese of San Antonio in the case of the four Missions, and the Texas General Land Office in the case of the Alamo.


  The flag of Texas would continue to fly over the Alamo, and Patterson says he strongly favors the UN World Heritage Site designation, because it would vastly increase the number of international tourists who visit the shrine.


  This is the second time in two months that conservative media have flubbed a news story out of San Antonio.  In September, several conservative media outlets repeatedly reported that the city's Gay and Lesbian Non Discrimination Ordinance would result in sanctions against people who believe that homosexuality is wrong.  Some outlets even reported that the NDO contained provisions to fine or even 'jail' Christian pastors who expressed an opinion against gays, something which was never included in any version of the bill.