In the list of the coolest jobs to have, this is right up there at the top.


  Sarhece Serna, who's title at Schlitterbahn is 'Operations Manager,' is a professional ride tester.  She goes on rides over and over again to make sure they're ready for the public when the park opens for the summer this weekend.


  "Making sure that they look good for the guest, all the extra amenities, the seating that we have as we're riding along, that the actually look enjoyable for our guests," she said.


  All theme parks in the area employ people like Serna.  She says they do everything from making sure there are no branches or other obstructions which have been blown onto the tracks or rails of a ride, to making sure the views that customers get from the top are everything they should be to, of course, making sure that the mechanics are safe before paying customers climb on board.


  "It does get exhausting, testing them over and over again to make sure they're fun for everyone to ride," she said.


  So think about Sarhece riding all day for free next time you're standing in line to get onto a ride at a local theme park.


  She says she loves her job and doesn't plan to apply for another one, why would she, but she says her experience at Schlitterbahn would look good on a resume.


  "Oh, sure," she said.  "I think it shows that I'm a little bit adventurous, going on that ride to test it before anybody else gets on."