CPS Energy is willing to let the sun shine in...at least until the end of next month.


  The utility has agreed to a compromise with local solar energy installers, and will extend its SunCredit program through May 31, and has agreed to grandfather in all solar energy producers who are on line by that deadline.


  CPS Energy had angered solar customers by unilaterally halting the program which paid them for the energy which they produce in excess of what they use, and which is sent back onto the power grid. 


  The utility says it will still change the program, but it will not affect existing contracts to install solar panels.


  "We are pleased that CPS Energy is no longer asserting the right to change the terms of existing solar agreements," said Lanny Sinkin, who heads Solar San Antonio.  "These changes provide some integrity, stability, and predictability to the SunCredit discussion."


  Sinkin and solar installers said CPS Energy's decision to halt the program was leading to the cancellation of existing contracts and was causing major problems for the solar power industry.  Sinkin even accused CPS Energy of trying to cripple the growing solar power industry, so it wouldn't get so large that it threatened the utility's profit margins.


  CPS Energy says it still plans to adjust the program, to take into consideration the costs of the wires, substations, and other aspects of the power grid which solar power producers use when they sell power back to the system, and which they use to get electricity to their homes when the sun is not shining.