Political Activist Naomi Wolf Says It's Not Obama That's To Blame She points the finger at the "powers that be"


Political journalist and presidential
consultant for Al Gore and others Naomi Wolf says no it's not President Obama or the White House where you should direct your wrath.
Wolf asserts he's not the one running
the show.

"There are people and entities who are more powerful than the president now. There are some six industries that write the legislation:
big pharma, big oil, big war." She says
a new documentary "Terms and Conditions"
reveals how banks rip off consumers.

Wolf's current work regards our
invasion of privacy by the
government and by corporations
who follow you online to pummel
you with ads.

She says under former President George Bush our privacy rights began to erode ... and under Obama, the situation is worse.

She says the state is increasingly
getting into your private business.

"I am focusing on surveillance and privacy because of the Snowden revelations and Julian Assange and drones being deployed and there is a lot of news right now about us having zero privacy."

Wolf says citizens
need to organize at the grass
roots to take back their privacy
and their country.