Don't Kill the Honey Bee!
Call the "bee wrangler" Walter Schumacher first =============================

Honey Bee Kind founder Walter
Schumacher says he is friend
to both man ... and bee.

"A vulture
is a necessity to the eco-system
as is the honey bee so all that
we want the government to do
is first rescue the bees before
they let the killing machine go."

The bee expert says call him before
you call the exterminator, as did
Windcrest police this week when
a homeowner needed a hive removed.

"I make a small incision into the house, with as little invasiveness as possible, then we remove the honeycomb and suck up the bees then we rejoin the honeycomb and bees."

He says look for nests under
eaves; that's their favorite
place and if the problem
is too big, call 311 also for

Thanks to Schumacher, Austin
city council passed an ordinance
to save and replant hives which
he is talking to Houston city fathers
about passing too.

His only compensation
is a donation to continue the good works.