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Downtown Dumpster Sleeper Barely Avoids Being Compacted

Downtown Dumpster Sleeper Barely Avoids Being Compacted
Posted September 24th, 2013 @ 4:34am by Jim Forsyth, photo credit Shutterstock Images

A man who decided to sleep in a dumpster because it was 'warm' almost found himself in hot water early this morning.


  The man climbed into the dumpster behind the Denny's Restaurant on East Commerce next to Rivercenter Mall for a little shut-eye around 2AM.


  But, sure enough, right on schedule came the garbage truck.


  Police say the garbage collector hooked into the dumpster and deposited the contents, including the man, into his garbage truck.


  The trash collector was just about to push the 'COMPACT' switch when he happened to hear the man hollering from the back of the truck.


  EMS was called and pulled the guy out.  He was unhurt, and never did get a nice warm night's sleep.

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