A street gang chairman, who went by the name "Black Rabbit," is going to federal prison for 15 years on a racketeering charge.

Rolando Muniz, who federal agents describe as the ineffective and hapless leader of the Texas Syndicate in San Antonio, was one of 20 people named in an indictment, charging they ran a cocaine and heroin ring.

"This is traditionally their territory and this sentence seriously disrupted their world," Assistant U.S. Attorney Joey Contreras tells 1200 WOAI news.  "They were starting to get a larger presence and this wiped out their leadership and membership in San Antonio."

In addition to the drugs, investigators say Muniz was involved in ordering other gang members to murder Andrew Vidaurri, who had fallen out of favor with the gang leaders. 

"During that attempt, Andrew Vidaurri's sister-in-law, Priscilla Ann Vidaurri, was killed in the crossfire," the U.S. Attorneys office writes.

Muniz is the last of the Texas Syndicate members in San Antonio to be sentenced for their roll in the criminal enterprise.  The others received sentences up to 37-years.