An effort to gather enough petition signatures to place the San Antonio Gay and Lesbian Non Discrimination Ordinance on the ballot for a public vote has failed, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.


  Pastor Gerald Ripley of the Abundant Life Church, who was leading the effort to place the item on the ballot says they failed to obtain the 61,000 signatures needed by today's deadline.


  "I left word for the elections adminsitrator that we will not be turning in the petitions, we did not reach the number of signatures that are required," Ripley said.


  He says the effort to fight the ordinance will continue.


  "We are greatly encouraged by what we were able to accomplish in the 26 days we had petitions in hand," Ripley said.  "We were gaining new churches, even new denominations right up until the last minute.  I think we would have done it had we lived in Dallas and Houston."


 Ripley says the effort to fight the ordinance will continue.


  "We will now look at what our options are," he said.  "Those decisions have not been made."


  This is separate from the effort to recall Councilman Diego Bernal, who was the sponsor of the bill.


  The measure adds sexual orientation and 'gender preference' to the types of individuals who are specifically protected from discrimination by the city, by local contractors, and by so called 'public accommodations' like restaurants and hotels.