Recent college graduates still looking for jobs should turn their attention over to their social media.

      Human Resources Recruiter for Randstand Staffing in San Antonio, Leslie Martin, says more and more employers are turning to Facebook and Twitter when deciding between candidates. 

      “Companies do go on to people’s social media to view what they have posted,” she said. “It's a growing trend and it's really being used as a hiring tool in the human resource business.”

       You never know what certain companies are looking for, anyone who hasn’t already should clean up their social media pages online, the sooner the better, Martin said.

       “I think discretion is always the way to err, not only when you're looking for a job but when you have a job,” Martin said. “The world is getting much smaller with technology that is available today.”

      The best advice for anyone looking for a job is to make yourself more marketable while you’re still in undergrad, Martin said.

        “Get that experience versus waiting, look for those internships and get volunteer hours while you’re in school,” she continued. “Don’t wait till your loans are due, you have no job and then trying to do an unpaid internship... obviously that won’t pay the bills.”