(Photo Credit: Apple)

     Apple unveiled their newest IPhone models Tuesday, the ‘IPhone 5S’ and the ‘IPhone5C’.

      One of the biggest announcements was the price range, the ‘5C’ will run from $99- $199 dollars. Michael Garfield, the High-Tech Texan, says there’s improvements but not as many to the hardware itself. 

      “The ‘5C’ is being offered in five new colors,” Garfield said. “And the ‘5s’ has a faster processor, better camera, but I think the wow factor is the fingerprint sensor where you can put your fingerprint and it will unlock the phone instead of putting a four digit passcode in.”

      The cheaper IPhone really puts Apple in the game internationally, and we can expect Android manufactures to follow their lead with a starting price in the $99 dollar range, Garfield said.

      “It's going to make a small dent in the Android market but probably only somewhat,” Garfield said. “But I think next year when Apple comes out with the ‘6’ that's going to be a bigger opportunity to really change the market.”

       With updated features the big question is whether the battery life can keep up. On the ‘5S’ Apple promises 10-hour battery life.

       “Batteries degrade overtime, the one thing about Apple is they don't have a replaceable battery that the consumer themselves can replace,” Garfield said. “Generally you have to mail it in.... I think the new batter is decent, but it could always be better.”

(Photo Credit: Apple)