A 40 year old man was booked at Bexar County Magistrate Court early today for a wild incident yesterday afternoon in which two police officers were hurt, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The man will face assault charges after he began fighting with two officers who were sent to the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Emergency Center - Alon on Northwest Military on a report of an unruly patient.


  Police Sgt Javier Salazar said this morning a female officer who managed to subdue the man following a wild struggle saved lives of the people who were there.


  "She is being credited with saving not only herself, her partner, and countless other people who were waiting in the waiting room, including the suspect,' Salazar told 1200 WOAI news at this morning's booking.


  Police say the man became 'highly combative' when officers arrived, and efforts to restrain him were unsuccessful.  Salazar says he wasn't even responsive to being Tazed.


  "The Tazers had no effect on the suspect, in fact, he ripped out the probes twice."


  The man punched the female officer, and then grabbed the male officer's service weapon, shooting him in the leg.


  The female officer then managed to overpower the man and shot him in the stomach.


  Salazar says investigators aren't sure what sparked the incident, or whether the man was under the influence of drugs when he behaved the way he did.


  The officer who was shot remains hospitalized for treatment of the gunshot wound as well as severe facial lacerations.  The female officer was treated and released.