Kay Bailey Hutchison was back in San Antonio, not in her familiar role as a U.S. Senator, but in her third career after politics and TV news...a book author.  

  Hutchison appeared at the San Antonio Book Lunch to talk about her third book, 'Unflinching Courage.'  The book examines the lives of the educated and wealthy women of the 19th Century who followed their husbands onto the rugged lands of Texas.

  "They really created the spirit of Texas," Hutchison said.  "They were hearty, they found nothing here, but they made a great life with a great spirit."

  Hutchison says she has always been amazed at the lives of women who left a comfortable life in the East or South, and came to Texas to find not even a mud hut fro shelter.

  "I am amzed at what these women went through, and yet they came out making Texas this very special place."

  Hutchison's book 'Leading Ladies,' which examined the lives of female pioneers in fields like science, politics, and business was a best seller when it was released in 2008.

  Hutchison retired from the Senate last year, after losing a bid for governor to Rick Perry in the 2010 Republcian primary.

  "I've written three books," she said.  "All three are histories and biographies of the women who have broken the barriers in our country."