The gay rights umbrella group GetEQUAL Texas today began playing hard ball in its push to win passage of that controversial Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered anti discrimination city law, issuing a 'Travel Alert,' warning gays and lesbians not to travel to San Antonio, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The group said the alert has been issued because San Antonio "refuses to pass a non discrimination ordinance that would protect LGBT travelers from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity."


  Jay Morris, a spokesman for GetEQUAL Texas, says he has personally experienced discrimination 'repeatedly' in San Antonio due to his sexual orientation.


  "Despite calling the San Antonio Police Department after being the victim of a violent hate crime, I was removed from the building and my attackers walked free," Morris said.  "No police report was filed and I had no mechanism after the attack to report the incident.  If the City Council refuses to pass this non discrimination ordinance, I worry for the safety of other LGBT residents and travelers to the city."


  In fairness, the non discrimination proposal has not yet come up before council, so it is really not fair to say the council has 'refused to approve' it.


  Gay rights activists say the city council has been 'dragging its feet' to present the proposal.


  The 'travel alert' urges gay and lesbian individuals to 'avoid traveling in the city.'  It also suggests that gay residents and visitors 'visit only known LGBT-friendly establishments.'


  The non discrimination ordinance is set to be voted on by City Council September 5.  A count by 1200 WOAI news last week reveals that, based on public statements by council members, it has the six votes needed for approval.