When 1200 WOAI news reported last weekend that San Antonio State Senator Leticia Van de Putte was running for Lieutenant Governor, Facebook and other social media sites were packed with comments about how Van de Putte is a 'socialist' who can't possibly win.


  When I reported last week that Van de Putte will run a strong campaign, and will be able to appeal to centrist voters, especially women, who are turned off by the Republicans' move to the right, social media erupted again, and I was accused of jockeying to become Van de Putte's campaign manager for suggesting that she has the potential to run a smart, effective, and well financed campaign.


  It's that kind of complacency and swagger that George P. Bush is trying to defuse.


  The Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner is using his campaign to try to convince Republican voters, donors, and activists, that worries about Texas Democrats winning statewide elections need to be taken seriously.


 The last Democrat to win statewide non judicial office in Texas was the late Bob Bullock, like Leticia Van de Putte a centrist Democrat and an aggressive campaigner, in 1994, the year Gov. Ann Richards lost to Bush's uncle, future President George W. Bushy.


  George P. Bush's message--not only is the Republican Party's attitude that it is unbeatable in Texas dangerous, but Battleground Texas, an organization composed of former Obama campaign activists which is trying to boost Democratic candidates, is the real deal.


  Many Republicans have dismissed Battleground Texas as a 'shakedown operation,' to raise money from Texas Democrats to spend in other states.