Protests are set for several places across the state today over border security.  The protesters think there's too much border security.


  The Border Network for Human Rights is leading what it calls 'Border Overkill' protests in several cities, including El Paso and Austin.  The groups say the so called 'border surge' which is proposed as part of the immigration bill, would 'spend billions of tax dollars on unnecessary surveillance and other wasteful technology.'


  "The Senate's immigration reform package was passed with the last minute addition of a border surge that is guaranteed to increase racial profiling, abuse, death, and other destruction in border communities," the groups said.  "The amendment in the Senate proposed increasing the number of border patrol agents by 20,000 while adding 700 miles of additional border wall.  Increased spending of billions of tax dollars on unnecessary surveillance and other wasteful technology at a border that has been certified as safe by the FBI and other sources is all included."


  The groups say the 'border surge,' if approved, would transform peaceful communities into 'some of the most militarized regions in  the world.'


  In fact, they say the U.S. Mexico border is already the third most militarized border in the world, and only one where the two countries involved are not sworn enemies.  The other two hyper-militarized borders are the border between North and South Korea, and the border between Israel and Syria.


  "Already, more than 7 million U.S. citizens, residents and families that live in border communities are subjected to the '100 mile rule,' which the ACLU and other groups denounce as a 'Constitution Free Zone' stretching from San Diego to Brownsville.