Two San Antonio companies, Rackspace and HEB, are among the fifty best places to work in the country, as determined by the workplace web site


  "Great all around, management cares about you and the pay is great," is how one HEB employee summed it up in the Glassdoor survey.


  Glassdoor's Scott Dobroski told 1200 WOAI news that key factors in all of the fifty top companies were pay, hours, and opportunity.


  "Some other predominant themes include a company culture that is often mission driven, and senior leaders who have a very clear vision for the company and communicate effectively to their employees how the company is going to get there and why," Dombroski said.


  An 'understanding management' is one of the comments that came up frequently by HEB employees in the anonymous surveys, Dombroski said.


  Rackspace employees said simply 'it is a wonderful company.'


  "This is such a fun workplace," one employee said.  "Everyone is really nice and everyone gets along quite well with each other.  If you work for Rackspace, you will learn tons of stuff about the industry."


   Both HEB and Rackspace are in the top thirty of the Glassdoor Fifty.


  Other Texas companies in the top fifty include Southwest Airlines, Houston based Cameron Oil and Gas, and Texas Instruments.


  The best company to work for in the USA, according to the survey, is Bain Capital Management, the firm founded by Mitt Romney.  Bain is a majority owner of San Antonio based Clear Channel Communications.