A Helotes woman the feds say had dreams of becoming the suburb’s version of Walter White is now facing the prospect of life in prison after she was convicted in a crystal meth smuggling operation, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  A jury in Del Rio convicted Marin Landin, 46, of conspiracy to import a controlled substance.  She’ll be sentenced in May and faces a minimum of ten years and up to life.


  Federal prosecutors say Landin hired two men to act as drug mules, telling them to travel to Piedras Negras Mexico and pick up nearly a thousand grams of pure crystal meth.  They say Landin had fantasies of being a big time dope dealer, and selling the meth out of her Helotes home.


  But the drug mules Landin hired turned out to be directionally challenged, and had to call Landin for help after they got lost in Mexico.


  Landin gave the two men directions on how to get back to the United States, and then things continued to go south, when the drug mules were arrested at the International Bridge in Del Rio with $100,000 worth of meth taped to their bodies, “Midnight Express” style.


  The two drug mules have pleased guilty.