A San Antonio landmark is reopening this morning.  The Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course, which dates from 1929, will reopen this weekend after being closed since 2007, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "It was the place to go to in the fifties and sixties," Cool Crest owner Mitchell Andrey told 1200 WOAI's  Michael Board.  "You don't know how many people tell us that they met their wives there."


  Mitchell and other members of his family purchased the property on Fredericksburg Road in 2007.


  Cool Crest in its heyday was known for as a 'crowded' course, with plenty of creative obstacles for mini golfers, as well as immaculately maintained grounds and landscaping.


  In addition to returning it to its former glory, Andrey is also keeping track of Cool Crest's colorful history.


  "We know that it was open at least in 1930 because of newspaper ads," he said.  The course started falling into disrepair in the last decade before it was closed and sold to the Andrey family.


  He says he is using high tech design and old photos to make sure the repairs are faithful to the original appearance of Cool Crest, which was 'out in the country' when it opened on Fredericksburg Road near the Deco District.


  Some people say Cool Crest was the first miniature golf course in the country.  Andrey doesn’t' have any record of that, but he says the history of the course over the past eighty years is enough to give it a second chance to be a San Antonio hot spot.