Home invasion robbery  is becoming one of the city's most dangerous professions.

  1200 WOAI news reports two armed men, who apparently thought home invasion was as easy as they'd seen in the movies, forced their way into an apartment at the Pan American Apartments on NW 36th Street on the west side.

  Police said the men had all the equipment that incompetent fantasy home invaders need to look good while pulling off their TV inspired crime, including a could of weapons, one of them police say was modified to look like a cooler weapon than it really was.

  The men realized from the start that they should have stayed home watching the Spurs.  Two men in the apartment, rather than forking over cash, attacked the home invaders.  One of them pulled a knife and stabbed one of the home invaders to death.

  The other wanna be did what all cowards do…and ran for his life.

  One of the men who refused to be a victim is hospitalized but he'll be okay.