No More Plastic Grocery Bags!
And that means a whole new market to explore

The one thing about using recycling
bags at the grocery store is remembering to bring them along.

Now a company in Los Angeles
is producing "Smarterbags".
Command Packaging CEO
Pete Grande says L.A. is the largest
metro to ban plastic bags so there's
plenty of room for new ideas.

"We need to create a recycling culture
and that is what makes Smarterbags
different is that these are made from
bags that would have been sent to a landfill."

Grande says
Smarterbags are placed at the checkout
counter so that forgetful consumers
can still use an environmentally
friendly bag.
"So then the consumer if they have not
brought their own reusable bag to the store, there is an affordable, reusable bag conveniently placed at the checkout counter."

Smarterbags cost about ten cents or depending on the store might be free, are easier to pack up in your purse or car's side pocket ... to remember.

"This bag you can fold up and put back
in your purse after removing the groceries,"
he says.

As more cities move to ban single use bags, new ideas on how to carry our stuff emerges.