A student of Korean ancestry who was kicked out of the Dental School at the U.T. Health Science Center San Antonio is suing the university, claiming it gives preference to Caucasian students, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Jin Choi's lawsuit claims that 'the UT Dental School had an absolute practice that Choi, upon reason and belief, will be able to show that it discriminates against students who are non-Caucasian.  In fact, the data is clear for what would otherwise be the 2012 and 2013 graduating classes, that non-Caucasian students tend to be disproportionately singled out for remediation, repeat of a school year, dismissal, and/or voluntary withdrawal as compared to their Caucasian peers.'


  The lawsuit also claims that Choi is disabled, and he says the UTHSC failed to offer him the 'reasonable accommodations' for his disability as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  "The Dental School culture has an unfortunate vestige of the past, discrimination based upon race," Choi's lawsuit states.  "A brief review of the number of students who have  been brought up for dismissal, actually dismissed and/or forced to withdraw during the time period covered by Plaintiff's claims are disproportionately non-Caucasian."


  A UTHSC spokesman said the University will decline to comment on pending litigation.


  Choi's lawsuit relates insults he received at the hands of professors, one of whom called him 'a dog on her leash' and another who called him 'Toyota.'


  Choi says he was booted out of the university with his 'academic career, good name, reputation, and integrity and honor ruined,' and with an amazing $230,000 in student loan debts.