The Texas Department of Transportation is trying yet another effort to get wrong way drivers off the area's freeways, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Spokeswoman Laura Lopez says in areas where the roads are being improved, or where the wrong way driver problem is particularly serious, crews are installing 'Wrong Way' signs on the backs of 'EXIT' signs, and are illuminating the sighs with flashing red and yellow beacons.


  "There are lights on the back of those signs, so if the driver is entering the highway on the exit ramp, they can't help but see these signs," she said.


  She says the signs are being put up at several interchanges along US 281 and elsewhere.


  "Also I-H 35 between Judson Road and FM 3009, and also I-H 10 between Huebner and Loop 1604," she said.


  Lopez said the lighted signs will be installed whenever freeway improvements are made, and any place where officials say wrong way drivers are a chronic problem.


  Bexar County has the worst wrong way driver problem in the state, with people driving the wrong way on major highways a regular, and in some cases a deadly problem.


  Crews have also begun installing radio signals at exit ramps which will automatically notify officials when a vehicle is detected entering the highway going the wrong way.  Police scanner alarms warning of wrong way drivers have become routine thanks to this technology, allowing police to round up wrong way motorists before they hit anybody.


  Lopez says she gets a lot of suggestions from motorists that TxDOT consider installing 'one way' spikes in the pavement road bed on exit ramps, that would rip up the tires of vehicles attempting to enter the highway going the wrong way, much like spikes installed in car rental company parking lots.


  Lopez says while that sounds good, it wouldn't work in these situations.


  "Spikes are effective in low speed areas like parking lots," she said.  "An exit ramp is not a low speed area."


  She says putting spikes in on exit ramps would not effectively stop vehicles entering the roadway, and could damage the tires of vehicles which are exiting the ramp going in the right direction.