Bakke Development is constructing a new
apartment complex on Harry Wurzbach
across from Oakwell Farms. CFO
Jack Hebdon says: they're being smart
about things.

"This was an apartment complex built
in the 1960s and rather the cut them
down we are relocating them to fit in
our new design."

As they razed the buildings, they're
saving the trees ... uprooting them
to a new spot.

"It doesn't cost a lot of money
to do this and it adds a lot
to the project," he says.

Trees not only provide shade ...
they improve air quality and
make life beautiful, says Hebdon.

"The city wants developers
today under the Tree Ordinance
to have more shade and more tree
canopy and we get credit
for the trees that we save
and it's cheaper than
buying all new trees."

Hebdon says
the property value becomes
higher, the residents are
happier and the complex is cooler.

"Trees and plantings make it
a quality project