Local Homeland Security Investigations agents have busted individuals who were selling cheap contact lenses which can be devastating to the wearer's eyes, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  HSI spokeswoman Nina Pruneda said the investigation was called 'Operation Double Vision' for a reason.


  "A lot of people experience infections, corneal ulcers, and some people can even go blind" wearing the phony contacts, Pruneda said.


  Local officials are seizing the phony contacts when they are smuggled into the U.S., and when they are placed on the shelves of Halloween costume and party stores, Pruneda said.


  "They are breaking the law, because you do need to have a prescription, a doctor's prescription, to be able to purchase these," she said.


  The feds say they are involved because federal laws and FDA regulations outlaw the sale of what are called 'anime' lenses.  Patients have to have a prescription to buy anything that goes onto the surface of their eyes.


  Also, the people who sell them have to be authorized distributors of contact lenses, which none of the convenience stores and party stores which are selling the items are.