Even though the number of people working in the eight county San Antonio metro area in June jumped by 6400 over May, the local unemployment rate jumped to 6.7% due to an increase in the size of the total work force, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The metro also experienced job losses due to the end of the school year.


  "Public school jobs and education jobs at the college and university level contributed the grater losses at this time," Patrick W. Newman, head of Workforce Solutions Alamo said.


  But the region saw an uptick in jobs in leisure and hospitality, as well as construction and manufacturing.


  The size of the total work force, according to the Texas Workforce Commission, was a record high 1,038,400, that is up nearly 10, thousand people from May of 2013.  Even though the total number working is up a net 4,000, that means the unemployment number is higher because the remaining 6,000 are not working.


  7,000 more people are working in metro San Antonio today than were working in June of 2102, when the metro unemployment rate was 7.1%