LBJ Library Vietnam Dog Tags Personally Escorted to San Antonio Motorcycle cavalcade brings them to join the Texas Vietnam Heroes Exhibit =========================================

Vietnam veterans' dog tags, housed in Austin's LBJ Library,
will be gently escorted down to San Antonio
in the coming days, courtesy of volunteers
The Patriot
Guard Riders, Combat and Country Vets ...
all on motorcycles. Organizer Brian Archimbaud says
the tags will join the
Texas Vietnam
Heroes Exhibit at the Institute of
Texan Cultures opening August 3rd.

"The exhibit consists of 3,417 dog tags;
each one represents a Texan who was
killed in Vietnam."
The 102 black tags
represent the Texan soldiers missing in action.

"Those tags are black, remaining
tags are sterling silver," he says.

"Veterans would tell you that for
a long time, veterans were not
allowed to be proud of their

The show opens August 3rd and runs
through the 25th.